June 25, 2022

start time 00:00 UTC – 23:59 UTC ( 24 Hours )

07.00 WIB – 06:59 WIB (24 hours)

Starts: 0000 UTC Saturday Ends: 2359 UTC


For World amateurs to contact as many other amateurs in as many countries and Indonesia (YB Land) contesters
Everyone Worked Everyone



Contact should made on 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz. (5 bands) 

No WARC bands.



Mode SSB : 59 + Serial Number (eg: 59 001)


Single Operator All Band High Power. Power Max 1500 Watt.
Single Operator All Band Low Power. Power Max 100 Watt.
Category for YB (Indonesia Amateur) Siaga-Penggalang-Penegak



Final score is the result of the total QSO points multiplied by the sum of YB Prefixes and country multipliers. Example: 1000 QSO points * (50 YB Prefixes + 70 Countries) = 120,000 (final score).
All stations can make contacts once on each band.
QSO points are based on the location of the station worked.
Contacts with own country count 1 point Contacts with other country in same continent count 2 Point.
Contacts with other country in different continent count 3 Point
Contacts with Special CallSign count 15 point [8 special station+ 1 Special Club station]



QSO with each different YB Prefixes on each band as 1 multiplier 
(YB0-YB9 / YE0-YE9, YC0-YC9 / YF0-YF9, YD0-YD9 / YG0-YG9, 7A0 ~7A9, 7I0~7I9). 
YF1AAH count as : YC Pfx, 
YB1AYO count as : YB Pfx, 
Each DXCC on each band worth as 1 Multiplier


User Define Contest & Log Instruction

Information about logger software please see
Only Cabrillo Format .
No Paper Logs.
Submit/upload your Cabrillo on
All logs must be sent within 7 (seven) days after the end of Contest.
Dead Line :

 Notice: Logs received after dead line will count as Check Log .


Email address PBDX committee : [email protected]


Electronic Certificates are awarded to all participants submitted the log. 
Participants with checklog status are not eligible for a certificate.


Plaques are awarded for top performance,
Please view the current list of plaques and sponsors at

  • Self Spotting is not allowed.
  • Only one signal on a band is allowed at any time.
  • Single Operator Single Band participants count as Single Operator All Band.
  • The PBDX Contest Committee can disqualify if there is a violation on these rules.
  • PBDX Contest Committee decision is final.
  • YB1AR : 15 point
  • YB6HAI : 15 point
  • YB1RKT : 15 point
  • YE1BON : 15 point
  • YB1KI : 15 point
  • YB1MBA : 15 point
  • YB9ELS : 15 point
  • 7C1B : 15 point
  • YF1AAH : 15 point
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